Using genomics to improve food, fiber, fuel, and the environment

Plants are essential to the survival of both humans and our environment. They are the basis of all life on Earth, providing us with nutrients to sustain our bodies, clean air to breathe, and life-saving medicines.

By harnessing the power of genetics, scientists are able to study the DNA of plants and identify the specific genes responsible for traits such as disease resistance, drought tolerance, and higher yields.

Our ever-changing environment, growing world population, and emerging plant pests and diseases threaten food production worldwide. At HudsonAlpha, we are determined to use the power of genomics to tackle food insecurity.

Tune in to a recording of our Tiny Genes, Big Effects event, in which Faculty Investigators Josh Clevenger, PhD, and Alex Harkess, PhD, shared about how they are using genomics to feed the world.

Members of the Center for Plant Science and Sustainable Agriculture also aim to be stewards of sustainability, using genomics to create more efficient crop plants to help bring sustainable practices and products to market.

“At HudsonAlpha, we aren’t leaving the future to chance — we’re creating it. By forming the Center for Plant Science and Sustainable Agriculture, genomic research can help build a future based on innovation, collaboration and reimagination. This fresh new energy can spark real world solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.”

Rick Myers, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and President Emeritus, M. A. Loya Chair in Genomics and Faculty Investigator

Make a difference that lasts for generations to come.

With your help, we have the opportunity to improve life and create a healthier, more sustainable world.

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