Preparing a legacy – John and Ona Hamilton

Preparing a legacy takes time. John and Ona Hamilton have always had a strong urge to share their blessings with others and support nonprofits where they are involved. 

“In recent years we have felt the need to additionally support organizations with critical, long term missions that would benefit future generations,” said John Hamilton. “Including HudsonAlpha in our estate plans provided a great opportunity to do this right here in Huntsville.”

John’s mother graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in chemistry. At that time, chemistry was a relatively new discipline. As a female chemist,  she had a hard time finding work in North Carolina and eventually teaching high school biology for thirty years. 

“We were excited to learn of HudsonAlpha’s educational outreach which has introduced the relatively new science of biotechnology to thousands of Alabama teachers and tens of thousands of Alabama students,” said John Hamilton.

Additionally, the Hamilton’s friends and family have experienced many of the diseases that HudsonAlpha is researching, including cancer and Alzheimer disease. For the Hamiltons, they understand the impacts of these diseases for not just the individual, but also the whole family and community. 

“If our giving to HudsonAlpha’s research eases just a little of this suffering it will have been worth it,” said Hamilton.

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