31 Mar 2022

New cell culture suite dedicated

HudsonAlpha’s generous supporters of the new cell culture suite

Cells are the basic building block of all living things. Our ability to isolate and manipulate human cells has transformed the way diseases are studied and treated. Thanks to our generous supporters, HudsonAlpha has expanded its cell culture facilities that support many research projects in areas such as cancer, brain-related diseases and disorders, and basic science projects.

On March 8, the HudsonAlpha Foundation hosted an event to honor and thank individuals and families who funded this expansion. Rick Myers, PhD, and Nick Cochran, PhD, toured guests in the new lab suite and gave demonstrations of the capabilities for research projects.

“The Taylor family has followed the innovations and progress of HudsonAlpha with great admiration and wonder for years,” said Sherry Taylor. “Because of the history of Alzheimer’s and related mental health issues in our own family, we were especially intrigued by the Institute’s genetic work involving memory. We are thankful that with the creation of the new Cell Culture Room, we found a perfect way to contribute to HudsonAlpha’s latest leading research in this field.”

The new cell culture suite includes specialized equipment such as cell culture hoods, incubators, centrifuges, and microscopes. This facility is important to our research projects and serves as an advanced training space for graduate students and others seeking to learn hands-on skills for STEM-based careers.

“The reason my husband and I decided to give to the cell culture lab is because my mother has Alzheimer’s disease,” said Xan Curran. “I just feel like there is a chance that there will be a cure for my children and it’s really important to me. I’m excited that HudsonAlpha is here and doing this great work and that’s why we decided to support this project.”